Fracking update

Today I took part in an anti-fracking demo in Pocklington, East Yorkshire which was part of the National Day of Action.  People brought along banners, there was a stall with information on fracking, petitions to sign and passing cars honked their support.  The event was organised by Frack free East Yorkshire and there was a good turn out in spite of pouring rain.  Please see the events page on their website.
They have also organised a talks in Pocklington and Market Weighton to give locals more information about fracking and I have been distributing leaflets in the village where I live to let people know about these events. 

East Yorkshire will be one of the hardest hit places in the UK along with Lancashire but ultimately we will all be affected.  Drinking water will be contaminated, the air polluted, our countryside destroyed and our wellbeing diminished. Sadly, it is our children and grandchildren who may suffer the worse.

Please help raise awareness of the issues surrounding fracking. Things you can do to help include signing petitions, writing to your MP, joining a local group, tweeting  or posting on Facebook your own anti-fracking messages etc.

Let's stay frack free. Let's stay well.
Janet x

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