Healthy Start 2 - Choc fruit and nut granola 'clusters' (no added sugar)

If you haven't much time in the morning (5 more minutes in bed or get up and make breakfast? 5 more minutes in bed!!!) these granola 'clusters' may help.  This recipe will make approx 5-6 portions. They will keep up to three weeks in the fridge in an airtight jar or you can freeze some. All you need to do then in the morning is serve it with a dollop of coconut or soya yogurt and some fresh fruit such as raspberries (nice with the chocolate!).  

The granola 'clusters' contain cholesterol lowering oats and can be made gluten free if you use gluten free oats (oats are gluten free but may be contaminated by wheat in the manufacturing process-more on this in a future blog post). There should be no need for sugar in this recipe because the Medjool dates provide sweetness but if you have a very sweet tooth, you could add a tablespoon of stevia. 

The cacao and cacao nibs are sugar free too.  Please see 'Surprising superfood -Chocolate'- for the benefits of cacao. 

The peanut butter (please use one without palm oil), nuts and seeds also provide 'good' oils such as omega 3.

Choc fruit and nut granola 'clusters'
Makes approx 5-6 portions

170g oats
50g chopped walnuts
30g pumpkin seeds
1/2 jar peanut butter (about 140g)
14 Medjool dates, chopped small
2 tbsp cacao 
2 tbsp cacao nibs

Mix all the ingredients and spread over a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Press lightly together. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Allow to cool then divide into granola 'clusters'.

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Janet x

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