Starting a journal

You may have been lucky enough to have received a notebook journal for Christmas.  If not it is worth treating yourself for the sake of your wellbeing.  

Set aside a few minutes each day to write in your journal. At first the blank pages may seem a little daunting.  Just write down your feelings, your thoughts and how you are feeling emotionally.  Putting pen to paper is a way of acknowledging your feelings,thoughts and emotions.  In this way journaling becomes a therapy, a journey to know yourself at a deeper level.  So often we are too busy to indulge in this process of self-enquiry and process our feelings but if we do not, negative feelings, thoughts and emotions may manifest as physical illness.  Over time you may see patterns that are not serving you in your life and create new ones. Journaling can help you explore the possibilities. In fact, research has shown that journaling can help you deal with stressful events, boosts immunity and improves cognitive function.

Since many of our negative feelings, thoughts or emotions arise from things that have happened in the past use your journal to explore these to reach a stage where you keep the lessons in love and compassion from the past and let everything else go.  

Your hopes and dreams for the future are something else you may want to journal about but don't forget to journal about what you are grateful for right now.

One final thing - keep your journal private.  If you think anyone else will read it, you will be less spontaneous in your writing - it doesn't need to be neat either. 

Think of journaling then as your commitment to self-care in 2016.

Janet x

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