Get crafty - its good for you

Easter Tree, a dead twig from the garden, origami lily 
and bunny, paper cut out butterfly 'tinsel' and card, paper 
cut out flowers. 

With Easter coming up, even if you have never enjoyed doing crafts before, it is a great time to get crafty.  It is so special to receive a hand-made Easter card and you fulfilling to make a decoration for Easter such as an Easter tree.  Making cards or an Easter tree may also be a way of bringing the family together - all ages love doing crafts and it may even become a tradition in your house.  To make cards use either white or coloured card, folded into a square or you could make a chick or bunny shape.  Then use your imagination to create the card you want. 

To make an Easter tree you can use some bare branches, gathered from your garden or local area or you could use some pussy willow branches. You may wish to paint the branches. Decorate with paper cut-out egg shapes, butterflies, chicks, bunnies, spring flowers or any other spring-like decoration. If you are not good at drawing you might want to print off a template from the internet or get one from a local craft shop.

How about an Easter banner? It can be as simple as cut out shapes threaded on a string.  
There are many more crafts you could try - pottery, cross-stitch, candle-making, and origami to name just a few.  Not only are crafts fun to do, but they are also good for relieving stress. 
While you are absorbed in a craft activity, you are not fretting about what has been happening or what might happen.  In this way getting crafty has been shown to promote feeling of well-being, reduce negativity, create positive emotions and boost immunity.

So what are you waiting for? Get crafty, have fun and increase your well-being!
Janet x 

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