Organic Garden Update: Spring Planting One (Guest Post)

Hello lovely readers : ) I’m Becky, Janet’s daughter. Mum asked me whether I’d like to do some guest posts about spring planting, and I’m absolutely delighted to be here sharing my little bit of gardening know-how with you. 

Over the weekend I’ve been planting turnip and radish seeds in my raised bed. Although turnips and radishes might not be the most glamourous of veg, they’re actually garden superheroes. They are quick cropping as veg crops go (turnips can be ready in as little as 6-10 weeks and radishes in 4-6 weeks), you can pack a lot of plants into a small space (making them ideal for smaller gardens), and they will grow quite happily in partial shade (although full sun is fine too).

Convinced of the joys of turnips and radishes? Here’s what you need to do:

Before you start planting your seeds, you need to prepare your soil by removing weeds and dead plant material. Give it a good rake over to remove any stragglers and break up big lumps of soil.

I’ve divided my raised bed up so two-thirds of the bed is planted with turnips and one-third with radishes, but it’s of course entirely up to you.

For turnips, you need to plant the seeds 15cm apart with 15cm between the rows. Plant seeds at a depth of 1.5cm. Although the tape measure might seem a bit bonkers, I’ve learnt the hard way that plant spacings really do matter. Planting seeds too close together is a no-no, as a few weeks down the line your plants will be fighting for space and ruining all your hard work into the bargain.

Turnip seeds

Measuring the spacings between turnip seeds- 15cm or 6 inches apart

To make sure that you have no gaps in your bed you can sow two or three seeds at every position and then thin out to the strongest seedling once they have germinated (thinning out just means to pull up the weaker seedlings).

Radish seeds can be planted 2.5cm apart with 9cm between the rows. Plant seeds at a depth of 1.5cm. Once you are done planting, water well. Water at regular intervals and feed with organic fertiliser/good vibes every week : )

Radish seeds

Measuring the spacing between rows (radish) -9cm or 3. 5 inch apart

Happy gardening!

Love, Becky x

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