Organic gardening update - the manure has arrived!

An email went round the allotment holders last week to the effect that the compost had arrived.  When we went down to the allotment to claim our 'share' of this 'bounty' we found it had arrived indeed - a HUGE pile of well-rotted horse 'muck'.  If you are serious about organic gardening this natural means of nourishing your garden is ideal and you just have to get over the slight revulsion at using 'poo'.  Honestly, well rotten horse manure has very little smell!

We spent an afternoon fertilising our 'patch'.  Taking advice from another allotment holder, we dug trenches away from where our beans, garlic, spring cabbage and onions have started to grow and half filled them with manure collected in our (donated) wheelbarrow.  We then refilled the trenches.  Do not apply horse too near the plants.  In the soil the horse manure breaks down and provides essental nutrients for plant growth such as nitrogen which the plants access through their roots.  

If you know someone who keeps horses or has a farm they will probably be more than happy to let you have some of this precious garden commodity.  

Happy gardening
Janet x

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