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Selfless service means deeds performed for the good of others without any thought of personal gain. 
In our video this week we open our hearts to love and compassion to create a desire to alleviate suffering in others. We end with a loving kindness meditation.
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Revolved Side Angle is a challenging pose. It stretches and strengthens the legs, opens up the shoulders and stimulates the abdominal organs stimulating digestion and elimination. 
In this last blog post and video of the series 'Back to basics-Standing poses' I show you how to do the pose with modifications to make it more accessible.
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It is natural for men to be competitive but this is not what yoga is about - rather yoga is a journey of self-discovery. But being competitive in yoga can lead to injury.
In our yoga video this week, we use 'finding your edge' as a way to overcome this on the yoga mat.
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