The importance of maintaining muscle strength over 40- Part 2 Core

This is the second part of 'The importance of maintaining muscle strength over 40' Please see-'The importance of maintaining muscle strength over 40- Part 1 Legs'-

Lack of core strength can lead to poor lower body posture is not only aging for your appearance but can also lead to lower back pain.  Lack of core strength can also lead to sluggish digestion which may lead constipation and less than adequate nutrition.  Below three Kundalini yoga kriyas (sequence of movements with the breath)  that that will help you maintain your core strength:- 

Note-Always check with your doctor before starting a new programme of exercise. 

Life Nerve Stretch (care neck issues!)- lie on your mat with your legs extended and your arms by your sides. Exhale engage your core by drawing your navel back to your spine and lift your legs and arms about 6 inch from the mat.  Hold and breathe.  With each exhale draw the navel back to the spine. Inhale to release back down to the mat and as a counter pose slowly roll your head from side to side. If this kriya feels too intense, try lifting one leg. 
Repeat with the other leg.  If you are familiar with Kapalabhati breathing you could practice this breathing technique as you hold the pose.  Please see 'Thank goodness, it's Friday'- breathing practice to energize for the weekend' on my Yoga You Tube channel.

Frog Kriya - from standing bring your heels together and turn your toes out.  Squat down (care knee issues!). Place your palms together, interlace your finger except your index fingers and cross your thumbs. Exhale, engage your core, straighten your legs bringing your heels to the floor, head down, index fingers on the mat.  Inhale lift your arms up, bottom back to heels and continue working with your breath.  

Stand up, sit down - this kriya is said to be an indicator of longevity.  Start in a cross leg seated position.  Lean forward, breathe out, engage your core and pressing into your feet come to standing.  Take a breath in and as you breathe out lower back to a cross leg seated position.  Repeat twice more. Take care that you do not fall-use your hands at first if you need to.

Look no hands!

On the yoga blog there are some yoga poses to help increase core strength. Please see 'Yoga for muscle strength-Part 2- Core'-

Stay strong, stay happy
Janet x 

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