Artificial sweeteners- Part 2 - Sucralose

Sucralose is made from sugar, has zero calories yet is 600 times sweeter  than sugar.  It has a pleasant sweet taste and is kind to teeth. Only 8-20% enters the blood stream and it is excreted in urine.  It was approved for food use in 1999 and at an ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) of no more than 15mg per kilo of body weight, it is considered safe.

Is this sounding to good to be true once more?  It is.  Sucralose may be made from sugar but is chemically altered to include chlorine.  The problem is that our bodies do not deal with chlorinated organic molecules very well. Research on animals indicates that immunity may be affected due to its effect on the thymus gland and it may also be detrimental to the liver and kidneys but there has been little research on it.  

It has been found to reduce 'good' bacteria in the gut potentially leading to 'leaky gut' and other digestive issues such as IBS.  Please see, 'Leaky gut- An introduction'- 'Leaky gut Part 2-The problem with gluten'- 'Leaky gut Part 3- Healing a leaky gut'-

Although it has little effect on blood sugar of normal weight people, it has been found to cause increased blood sugar in obese people.  

Baking with sucralose is not a good idea as toxic compounds are release during baking which are carcinogenic.

Reported side effects also include migraines.

Once again I would suggest that stevia may be a safer alternative. 


The literature I read when composing my blog post seemed to suggest potential issues with sucralose. This article from the 'NCBI' - is representative of such literature.

Thank you to Ellen Stokes, RD for bringing the following article from '' to my attention entitled, 'The Dangers of Splenda' - This article provides an alternative perspective upon the sucralose debate.  You might want to read this in order to assess both sides of the argument before making your mind up about sucralose. 

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Stay healthy, stay happy.
Janet x

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  1. Thanks Janet for sharing your knowledge with us. Artificial sweeteners aren't good for health. A person is suggested not to consume too much artificial sweeteners. Instead, they should totally avoid sugar and sweeteners at all cost.

    Stay healthy!
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