Vintage Natural Beauty- Hair Review

For last week’s article I had a go at an old-fashioned method of curling hair- rag curls:

This got me thinking about how this method might compare to the bendy foam rollers that I normally use. Before I give my thoughts on the two methods, here’s a quick rundown of how to do each: 

Rag Rollers

Begin by cutting 1 inch strips from a piece of old cloth- an old sheet works well. You might have to play around with the length of the strips, but 8-12 inches will probably be about right. Dampen dry hair a little, or alternatively, leave wet hair until it is about 80% dry. Section into strands- how large the strands are will depend on how loose or tight a curl you want (smaller strands give smaller, tighter curls, larger strands give looser, larger curls). 

 Take a strand of hair, and tie the cloth strip round the strand. 

Roll the strand of hair round the strip until you have rolled all the way to your scalp. 

Then using the loose ends, tie the rag roller in place. Once you have done the bottom section of curls, do the same for the top section. Leave for a few hours (overnight is good) and then undo the rags. Tease out the curls gently with your fingers or a wide toothed comb to keep the definition of the curl.

Foam Rollers

The method for the foam rollers is pretty similar to the rag curls. You start in the same way, with hair that is about 80% dry. You can section your hair in the same way as for the rag curls (see above). 

You don’t secure the roller to the end of your hair with this method. I like to loop the end of the strand of hair around the roller to secure it before I start rolling. 

When after you have rolled the strand of hair all the way to your scalp, bend the foam roller to secure it in place (this is the equivalent of tying the rag roller). 

Leave for a few hours or preferably overnight. In the morning, unbend the rollers and roll out the curls. Tease out the curls with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Ta-da! A head full of bouncy curls.

So, what's the diff? I was really impressed how the rag curling method stood up against my normal foam rollers. I actually found the rag rollers much more comfortable to sleep in than the foam rollers, which is a big consideration for someone who loves their beauty sleep :) No more being rudely awakened by being poked in the head by a foam roller (real life problems, y'all). 

I found the rag rollers more fiddly and time-consuming to put in than the foam rollers, but it's probably something that you get better at with practice. Mind you, I found that I could get the direction of the curl the way I wanted it more easily with the foam rollers, as they can be grasped more easily. They also make it easier to roll the end of the curl smoothly. 

Having said that, both methods produced well-defined curls- and the comfort factor of the rag rollers is definitely a plus if you are curling your hair regularly. When I curl my hair with rollers I love to pin it up to create a romantic, Austen-esque style (see below)- just pin hair in sections to the back of your head, leaving it loose enough to keep the curls defined. It takes just minutes and it adds a bit of Regency romance to your day :) 


Becky x 


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