Natural travel first aid kit

You do not want anything to spoil your well-deserved holiday but many of us are prone to tummy troubles while on holiday.  There are many reasons for this - a change of food or water (even in this country or countries where there is no need to drink bottled water), irregular meals, dehydration, jet lag.  I have put together some natural solutions to prevent holiday tummy troubles and ensure you have a great holiday.

My number one priority is to take a high dose probiotics.  I take probiotics daily but if you don't make sure you take them at least two weeks before your holiday and while you are away. Take them with food. Probiotics are the 'good' bacteria that live in your intestines.  They form the gut flora which help break down your food and have a role in immunity. Due to their role in immunity they can provide a defence against unfamiliar microbes. As a bonus probiotics can also help prevent constipation.

Peppermint tea is another must - it can help relieve the nausea of travel sickness, constipation and diarrhoea and travel stress.

Camomile tea has a calming effect on the gastro-intestinal muscles and so can help with diarrhoea or tummy upset.  It is also anti-bacterial to help you deal with unfamiliar microbes. 
Getting stressed by travel delays? Camomile tea can help soothe your nervous system.  Oh and don't throw way the tea bags.  Once they are cool you can use them to soothe tired eyes.

Ginger is great for nausea associated with travel sickness.  It can be taken as a capsule or a tea. It is good for gastrointestinal irritation because it relaxes the digestive tract.  For instructions on how to make ginger tea please see

While some of us are prone to diarrhoea others are prone to constipation on holiday.  My natural solution to constipation is psyllium husks which are a source of fibre.  This fibre absorbs water into the bowel helping keep you regular.  It is available in granules or capsules and should be taken with plenty of water.  

Stay well and have a great holiday 
Janet x

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