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We all have times in our lives that are tough. It might be because of a bereavement, a break up or other relationship problems, redundancy, financial difficulties or illness, physical or mental illness such as depression.
We tend to think that we only feel stress in our minds but we can hold stress in our physical body. 
In this yoga video we release tension in areas of the body where we often store trauma-

Problems occur with the knee joint when unequal pressures are exerted on the knee joint creating misalignment that can lead to wear and tear. 
In the blog post on my 'sister' blog we look at ways to protect your knees in some standing poses-

Back pain can be an issue as we age due to changes in posture caused by tight hamstrings and hip flexors, tight chest and shoulder muscles.
Also, as we age, our core strength may weaken so that our lower backs do not have the support they had when we were younger.
In this yoga sequence we stretch tight hamstrings and hip flexors and strengthen the core muscles.
Blog post on my 'sister' blog-

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