Organic Fruit and Veg Garden Update

dwarf french beans

In the 40plusandalliswell organic garden we are harvesting the tomatoes and dwarf french beans at the moment. We also grew tomatoes last year - please see 'Organic Garden Update - Harvesting the tomatoes' which has a recipe for homemade tomato relish for you to enjoy.  

Growing dwarf french beans has been a convoluted process.  We first tried planting them on the allotment, but these failed to germinate.  Undeterred, we started again in June, initially planting them in pots in the greenhouse. When these were 6-8 inch tall, we moved them into the raised bed where they seemed much 'happier'. Harvest when they are 10cm (4 inch) dwarf french beans are great if you do not like 'stringy' bits, and I intend to use them in a bean and vegetable stew (coming soon to my regular Meatless Monday slot!).

Already we are looking forward to next year's harvests. Early autumn is the time to plant your Japanese onion sets, which are sometimes referred to as autumn planting onions.  These can be planted from now until November for harvesting from May to July. We are planting a hundred onion sets, so we shouldn't be short of an onion or two come late spring! Plant them pointed side up 10cm apart and leave 30cm between rows.

planting onion sets

Over the last couple of weeks also we have been nourishing the allotment with well-rotted manure to replace all the nutrients that our crops have taken from the soil so that the plants we grow next year will have all the nutrients they need- it's a bit of a stinky job, but somebody's got to do it! 

Happy planting!

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