Fragrant healing - essential oils to improve circulation

If you suffer from poor circulation, it might spoil your enjoyment of autumn and winter. 

Symptoms of poor circulation include white or blue hands and feet, numbness in hands and feet followed by pain as they start to warm up.  I used to suffer like this in the winter, especially when we had a pony to look after. Sometimes it took 15 minutes for the pain in my hands to subside enough to be able to drive home from the stables where she was kept. 

Chilblains too are a result of poor circulation.

Some essential oils can help boost circulation because they stimulate blood and lymph flow by relaxing muscles. These include lavender, sandalwood,  geranium, black pepper, peppermint, hyssop and rosemary.  You can make your own blends by combining a few drops of some of these essential oil in a carrier oil such as almond or coconut oil.  I like to use 5 drops lavender,  5 drops geranium and 5 drops peppermint in 50ml carrier oil. Massage with the oils twice a day if possible using long strokes for your limbs, circular strokes for the joints. Ideally leave the oils on 10 minutes before showering (take care you do not slip).

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Please note - do not use essential oils if you are pregnant.  If you have skin allergies please do a patch test using diluted oil 24 hours before using and if you have circulation issues please consult your doctor as circulatory problems can have several causes including Raynaud's and diabetes.

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