Christmas Lace Owl

It seems like owls have been everywhere for the last year or so- appearing on everything from bags to teapots- so I thought I'd make one for the tree! This little fella is a breeze to make, and his lacy ruffles add an extra-special touch.

🎄 You will need: 🎄

Three sheets of felt in colours of your choice
Two pieces of lace in colours of your choice (it will vary how much you use according to how wide your lace is, but 1m of each should be plenty)
Small Craft Scissors
Needle and Pins
Sewing thread in colours complementing your felt
Small piece of ribbon for hanging loop
Craft scissors
Two small beads/buttons (optional)

❤ Let's go! ❤

Begin by printing out the template below.

Pin the pattern pieces to the felt and cut out.

Pin the head pattern piece to one of the body pieces, but don't sew it on just yet.

You make each lace ruffle by making small pleats in the lace (about 75mm wide) and sewing them in place (a simple running stitch will do the job nicely).

A helpful tip is to keep the ends of each ruffle neat by tucking the lace under itself at the start and finish of the row to hide any raw edges. Start the first ruffle near the base of your owl's body (see photo above). Then sew on a second row just above the first, overlapping slightly each time so you don't see the stitching that holds the lace in place.

Repeat until you have one lace row-width left between the lace you have stitched in place and your owl's head (see photo below).

For the final row, tuck the lace pleats under the edge of the felt piece that forms your owl's head (you might need to use pins to hold everything in place whilst you get the stitching done). A row of stitches on the lower edge of the owl's head holds the lace in place (see picture below).

Next sew on the head detail, but don't worry about sewing the top edge- you'll do this when you sew around the entirety of your owl's head and body.

Sew on the eyes and beak. If you like, you can sew on small beads or buttons to put a little bit of sparkle in your owl's eyes 😄

Pin together the back and front pieces of your owl, right sides out. Sandwich a small piece of ribbon between the back and front body pieces for a hanging loop. Sew round the entire outline of your owl's head and body- simply lift up the rows of lace so you can carry on sewing around the edge.

And that's it- you're done! A lovely owl to decorate your tree- owl's well that ends well 🐥

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