Happy, healthy 2017

Every year we make resolutions that are intended to change us- 'I will lose weight', ' I will get fitter', etc.  More often than not our goals are unrealistic and up to 90% of resolutions fail before January is out.

This year might I suggest an alternative? Instead of punishing resolutions, why not 'resolve' to cultivate self-love? This is not selfish - without self-love you have no base to give out love to others.  When you love yourself, faults and all, you feel more connected to others and your interactions with them will be compassionate - so everyone benefits. Also when you cultivate self-love, you will find that you will want to eat better because you care enough about yourself to want to nourish your body well and you will find your natural healthy weight.  You will also want to move more to feel energized and take time just for you each day to relax. 

I hope you will stay with me for another year on our wellness journey together.  

Happy New Year!

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