It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

Our memories of Christmas are created as much by smells as by sight and sound. Bringing the outdoors in with a real Christmas tree has been shown to be beneficial to wellbeing but even if you do not have a real tree this year you can still get some of the benefits using a few drops of pine essential oil in a diffuser.  

Pine essential oil does so much more than create a Chistmasy smell, it also can help protect your home from microbes, the bacteria etc that thrive when we are spending more time in centally heated homes.  Added to this pine essential oil is enegizing which may help prevent the Christmas Day slump if you have been up early with children or grandchildren.  It also lifts mood and reduces stress making family arguments less likely.

Other essential oils you might like to use over the Christmas period include frankinsense (stress relieving) and myrrh (antimicrobial) because of their religious associations, and tangerine, cinnamon and ginger because of their associations with Christmas.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

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