Pamper your liver

Your liver may have been working very hard over the festive season when our normal diet can be forgotten and we may drink alcohol.  Foods containing saturated fats or worse, transfats can increase your cholesterol which makes for an unhappy liver.

Keeping your liver happy is important because the liver works hard for you - it has many functions in your body which include detoxification, controlling the levels of fats, amino acids and glucose in your blood, breaking down hormones, making enzymes and proteins which are involved in blood clotting etc  - see 'About the liver'- British Liver Trust for more.

You can keep your liver happy through diet and exercise.  Exercise improves heart function which in turn can improve circulation of blood to the liver and easier for the liver to send filtered blood back into the circulation.  In fact there is some evidence that exercise can reverse fatty liver disease.

You can cleanse your liver through your diet.  Avoid saturated fat, transfats, sugar, refined carbs such as white flour, white pasta etc and alcohol. Your liver loves garlic  - it activates the enzymes which flush out toxins.   Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for their vitamin C and toxin neutralising properties, decreasing the workload on the liver - green vegetables, beets, carrots, apples etc. Globe artichokes are especially good for liver function. The mineral selenium is also good for boosting liver function  - think brazil nuts, brown rice, shiitake  mushrooms, broccoli and cabbage.

Staying hydrated is also important to flush out toxins - green tea is especially good. Please see 'Hydrate to stay healthy'

Please note if you suspect that you have a liver problem please see you medical practitioner. 

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