Sweet almond oil for winter skin

Here in York, UK we have had all weathers this week - heavy frosts, high winds and now we have snow forecast.  All this means that in winter our skins can get very dry and central heating can make the drying effect worse.  

Facial oils can replace the oils that the weather takes out of the skin but there is no need to buy expensive oils.  Sweet almond oil can be bought quite cheaply and lasts for ages because you do not need much. It has a slightly nutty smell which is not unpleasant. It softens and smooths your skin by reducing moisture loss from your skin.

There are two types of almond oil but it is the sweet almond oil you need to use - the other can be toxic. Made from edible almonds, sweet almond oil is light so easily penetrates your skin, hypoallergenic so usually fine for sensitive skin, and non-comedogenic, that is non-pore blocking so also usually fine for acne-prone skins.  In fact, because sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin A, it can prevent acne flare ups.  It also can ease skin inflammation and irritation. 

More than this, sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which like vitamin A has antioxidant properties, preventing free radical damage to your skin. Free radicals can attack the collagen in your skin.  This is the 'scaffolding' in your skin so when it breaks down your skin sags.  By preventing collagen breakdown, sweet almond oil therefore is anti-aging.  It also anti-aging because it protects your skin from UV damage and help repair UV damaged skin (don't be fooled, the aging rays still get through in winter if not the burning rays) - I would still use a sun cream however once the oil has soaked in.

I like to use sweet almond oil at night - if you like you may add a single drop of rose oil.  In fact sweet almond oil is too good to save for winter - I like to use it all year round.

Stay young

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