Beating inflammation with Serrapeptase

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I believe inflammation is the underlying cause of most of what ails us.  So where does all this inflammation come from? 

Acute inflammation is a protective mechanism and is a very necessary response to pathogens, irritants and injury.  It is when inflammation becomes chronic that problems manifest.  Chronic inflammation can be the result of environmental pollution, food sensitivities, stress or diet (inflammatory foods include sugar, transfats, dairy, refined grains etc).  Over time such chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of diseases in the body including asthma, chronic pain, skin problems such as roseacea, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, wrinkles and even cancer.

When I started seeing a Chinese doctor for acupuncture, as a compliment to my yoga, she recommended serrapeptase which is often described as the 'miracle' enzyme. The more I learned about serraepeptase, the more smitten I was by it - this is an enzyme that can reduce inflammation in the body and clear out any non-living gunk such as plaque building up in arteries.  Originally this enzyme was made from silkworms but don't worry if you are vegan or vegetarian - the enzyme is no longer made in this way.  Check that the one you buy does not have any other ingredients that are not suitable for vegans such as gelatine. It has no known side effects and there are no interactions with other medications.

Serrapeptase has many benefits due to its anti-inflammatory action.  As mentioned it keeps the cardiovascular system in tip top condition because it gets rid of any plaque.  The reason I started taking it was because I had bronchiectasis, a condition in which mucus builds up in the lungs - by clearing out the mucus and dead and inflamed material, which is characteristic of lung disease, it has led to significant improvements in my lung health. 

Inflammation is the underlying cause of many maladies so serrapeptase can help with problems such as rosacea, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (serraenzyme relieves pain and swelling), high blood pressure caused by plaque build up, breast cysts, diabetes etc - I could go on.

Please note however it is not recommended for pregnancy, bleeding  disorders (serrapeptase dissolves blood clots) or before surgery, again because it dissolves blood clots.

Note- Please see your medical practitioner if you have any health issue to discuss taking serrapeptase.

Stay well, stay happy

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