Kissable lips

It's Valentine's Day and the last thing you want is cracked, dried or chapped lips but the weather seems to be determined to make sure this is exactly what you will have.  Winter sun, cold, drying winds make for less than perfect lips but it needn't be like this.

Firstly look to your diet as nutritional deficiencies can do as much damage as the weather. For luscious lips your diet needs to include vitamin A found in carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, kale, broccoli, fortified milk and cereals. Vitamin A keeps the delicate skin of your lips healthy and moist - the skin of your lips does not have the protective layer that the rest of your skin has.  A source of essential fatty acids helps too so make sure you get your omega 3s. Please see 'Where do vegans get their Omega 3's from?'.  B vitamins, vitamins C and E, zinc and iron are also essential for kissable lips so ensure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.  Vegans may need to supplement vitamin B12 and iron. Please see 'Supplements for vegans-Iron and Vitamin B12'

Secondly moisturise - your lips do not have any sebaceous glands so need oils to keep them from cracking and bleeding.  This year I have been using coconut oil several times a day and I always carry a small pot in my handbag.  This has the advantage of helping to protect your lips from sun damage too as it has a SPF of 4.  Sweet almond oil would also be good for moisturising.  

Other tips- avoid licking your lips in cold weather.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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