DIY lavender bath salts

Want a change from flowers and chocs to give to mum this Mother's Day? 

Why not pamper her with these homemade bath salts?  Made with Epsom salts to soothe any aches or pains (please see and lavender buds for tranquility, they make an ideal gift to give mum a little spoiling.  

DIY lavender bath salts

You will need
Epsom salts
Lavender buds
Reusuable muslin bags 
Air tight jar

Place a couple of scoops of Epsom salts in the jar.  Add a layer of lavender buds and continue until the jar is full. Label and decorate with a ribbon if you wish and give it to mum with the muslin bags.  To use fill a muslin bag and place it in the bath (this prevents the lavender buds clogging up the bath).

Happy Mothers' Day!

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