Double chocolate brownies with chocolate salted caramel topping

These vegan brownies are rich, chocolaty, yummy and after all chocolate is part of Easter isn't it? 

The brownies have no added sugar, and are dairy, gluten and egg free. Please see 'Surprising superfood, chocolate' -  

The brownies are best served warm with the sauce poured over.  The brownies have a rich and dark and complemented perfectly by the sweetness of the topping.  Why salted caramel - I wondered this too but the salt brings out the sweetness of the topping.  The caramel flavour comes from lacuma, a powder made from a South American fruit which is bursting with anti-oxidants.

What are we waiting for - let's bake!

Double chocolate brownies with chocolate salted caramel topping

Makes 8-12 slices

You will need

300g gluten free SR flour
60g cacao powder
15g stevia
50g cacao nibs
10 tbsp coconut oil or sunflower oil plus extra for greasing
400ml unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp vanilla essence

Chocolate salted caramel topping

200g Medjool dates, pitted
4 tbsp coconut cream
2 tbsp lacuma
2 tbsp cacao

Sieve the flour and cacao into a bowl and stir in the stevia.  Add the oil, vanilla extract and unsweetened almond milk and mix to a batter.  Stir in the cacao nibs.  Pour into a lightly greased non-stick baking tray (12x7 inches). Bake at 180 degree fan 10-15 minutes (do not overcook, the brownie should be firm on the outside but a little gooey in the middle).  Turn out and top with the chocolate salted caramel.

To make the topping place the dates in a bowl and pour over boiling water to just cover. Allow to cool then whiz up in a high speed blender with the other ingredients.  Spread over the brownies.

For an even more indulgent treat serve with nice cream use 6 peeled and chopped frozen bananas blended with a cup of unsweetened almond milk in a high speed blender.  Serve immediately.

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