Late spring planting at 40plusandalliswell

The weather is a little warmer at last!  We were beginning to think it would never happen here in Yorkshire!  At last we have been able to plant the broad beans directly in the ground of the allotment.  We have used a technique called triangular planting which maximises space.  This involves planting a double row.  Mark out your bean patch and plant the first seed in one corner, 5 cm down (use a dibber). Plant another seed 23cm away from the first and 12.5 cm down.  Mark each with a plant marker or you will 'lose' them. Continue then down the double row with a spacing of 23cm until you reach the end of your patch.  It is a good idea to use a row marker so that your rows are straight.  Your next double row should be 60cm from the first double row.  This allows 'walking' space so that you can weed between your bean plants.  The runner beans have been planted singly in pots of compost in the greenhouse but the dwarf french beans will not be started until mid-month. 

Meanwhile the squash and sweet peas are hardening off in a cold frame. We have a relatively cheap one (around £10) with a metal frame and polythene cover.  We open it's vents during the day and close them at night. This prevents thermal shock which can kill the plants.  This weekend we will be planting the sweet peas out.  If you do not have a cold frame you could take your plants out during the day and bring them in at night.  

The various lettuce we are growing are going to stay in the greenhouse.  The hyssop is also starting to grow.  More about the herbs we are growing to come.

Some allotment owners have already planted their potato maincrop and we intend to get ours in soon.

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