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When I was in my 20s my skin was, I considered my best feature.  Then to my horror, I caught chicken pox. My face became a red and yellow mass - only one square centimetre on my cheek was unblemished.  I cannot tell you how low I felt.  I hid away for many weeks, embarrassed to go out. When a cold caller knocked at the door, he took one look at me and turned tail and ran - that's how bad it was.  When eventually I had to go out I wore thick make up and had a fringe cut to hide my forehead.  Now thankfully, apart from a few small marks on my forehead my skin is restored and I no longer wear make-up (except lipstick!).
There is much you can do to maintain a youthful skin.  Below are my top tips:-

Wear sun protection EVERY DAY, not just in spring and summer but autumn and winter too.  The burning, UVB rays are weaker but the aging, UVA rays can still damage your skin. Please see 'Sun Protection - what you need to know' for more on sun protection.  

Stop smoking - along with protecting yourself from the sun, stopping smoking if you are a smoker are the best steps you can take to restoring youthful skin.  Why?  Because smoking reduce blood flow and oxygen availability to the skin, accelerating skin aging.  Smoking also depletes antioxidants such as vitamin C leading to skin damage.

Don't forget the muscles under your skin give support and if these muscles become thinner then the overlying skin can sag and wrinkle.  To help prevent practice facial exercise several times a week.  Please see 'Facial yoga' and 'Lion breath - the three minute facial toner

Moisturise to hydrate your skin and protect your skin from the ageing effects of pollution. 

Coconut oil is a good choice as many commercial moisturisers contain ingredients that are best avoided. Please see 'Spring clean your beauty products' and 'Reduce the effects of air pollution on health and skin aging'.

My mother always told me to pat my face dry rather than rub.  This was good advice because the facial skin, especially around the eyes is delicate and rubbing can lead to wrinkling. Also, if you sleep on your side consider a silk pillow to avoid 'sleep lines' when you wake.

Sleep well  - please see 'Love your sleep' for how your sleep can affect your skin.  

Hydrate from the inside with water and herbal teas to maintain the skin's elasticity.  Avoid alcohol which dehydrates.  

Eat a skin friendly diet.  Make sure you include omega 3s in your diet.  Please see 'Where do vegans get their omega 3s from? ' Omega 3s reduce the inflammation that accelerates aging.  Also include antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E and zinc from fresh fruit and vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds.  Protein is essential too in order to maintain skin and the underlying muscle. Please see 'The vegan diet and protein'. Also include probiotics which make nutrients available, break down toxins and reduce stress which affects skin. 

Supplement help- serrapeptase helps reduce the inflammation that leads to skin aging. Please see 'Beating inflammation with serraenzyme' Glucosamine with chondroitin can also help reduce skin wrinkling.

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