Oh, why do we love to beside the seaside?

On a Friday evening, and even though still a good hour from Scarborough, you will see queues of cars heading for the seaside town.  What draws us to be beside the sea?  I believe there are several reasons.  

If the weather forecast is hot, it can often be cooler at the coast because of the sea breezes. I also think that most people like to connect with nature.  When I am up on the cliffs at Bridlington watching the seabirds wheeling and calling and listing to the waves lapping on the rocks below, I feel at one with nature and a peace steals over me.- so meditative. 

For children of course the seaside has much to offer.  I have fond memories of rock pooling with my children, paddling in the sea, building sandcastles and playing beach games - all free activities in nature's playground.

When I was young and suffered from asthma, my mother used to tell me that the sea air would do me good. She was right - the salt air has all the benefits of a salt pipe.  If any bacteria are lurking in the lungs the salt will burst their cells apart rendering them harmless. Sea spray is also good for skin problems as salt is healing.

Have you noticed too that when you spend a few days at the seaside, you sleep 'like a top'. This may be because sea air is charged with negative ions which boost serontin, (the feel good neurotransmitter) in the brain, reducing stress and energizing us through the day so that we sleep well at night.  You get similar effects near waterfalls, up mountains or even going for a walk after a rain shower.

If you like a swim in the sea (make sure it is safe to do so) there are even more benefits.  Sea water is rich in magnesium - it is the second most abundant mineral after sodium in sea water.  The mineral helps remove toxins from the body.

It is no wonder then that we 'do like to be beside the seaside'.

Wishing you happy summer days!

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