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Everyone in the UK over the age of 40 is entitled to a health check. This includes an assessment of your cardiac health.  A good indicator of your cardiac health is your cholesterol level.  Normal level is considered to below 5mml/l.  A fasting cholesterol test will also measure the levels of HDL (H for healthy) cholesterol and LDL (L for lethal) cholesterol. The higher the ratio HDL to LDL, the better because HDL cholesterol can remove some of the baddie LDL, returning it to the liver for breaking down and elimination. High cholesterol means there is a risk that arteries supplying the heart may become blocked depriving the heart of vital oxygen and nutrients. Eventually the artery may become so blocked that a heart attack results.  My husband was unaware that he had high cholesterol until at the age of 39 he had a heart attack - he had hypercholesterolemia, an inherited condition which meant that his body just kept on producing cholesterol.  This, thankfully is quite rare and if you do not have this inherited condition, you can usually keep your cholesterol levels in check through diet and exercise.
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There are also some supplements that may help.  I have already mentioned garlic which can reduce cholesterol. Other supplements that may help include niacin as this can boost HDL cholesterol. Soya lecithin can lower LDL cholesterol.  Omega 3 reduces inflammation in the body, reduces triglycerides in the blood and reduces the risk of clotting thereby helping to prevent a cardiac event.  Vegans may take a supplement of marine algae. Psyllium, a natural fibre, reduces total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol especially.  It may also well be worth taking co-enzyme Q10 which can reduce LDLs ability to stick to arterial walls.

The other indicator that may lead to heart disease is high blood pressure.  This can increase the rate at which plaque builds up on artery walls.  The reason for this is that high blood pressure can damage arterial walls allowing cholesterol to take hold. Then if blood cannot flow freely to the heart, there is a risk of heart attack. High blood pressure also means the heart has to work harder which can lead to heart failure. High blood pressure can also lead to clotting which, like plaque can reduce blood flow to the heart and increase the risk of heart attack.  The advice to lower high blood pressure is similar to that for diet and exercise in the link above. If you need to lose weight, this will help especially if you carry weight around your middle.  

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Always speak to your doctor before taking supplements.

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