Super Easy Vegan Strawberry Mousse

Even though we have not netted our strawberry plants this year, we have had a bumper crop – maybe its something to do with the hot weather we have had in recent weeks.  

Strawberries are easy to grow – they put out runners and so a few plants can quickly become many.  Once the fruits appear put down straw under the plants so that the fruits will not rot and if you do net them please use a fine net that the birds are less likely to get trapped in.  
The following recipe is ideal to use up the less than perfect strawberries.

strawberries from the allotment

Super easy vegan strawberry mousse

Makes 3

You will need

200ml unsweetened soy milk

200ml crushed strawberries

3 tbsp stevia or to taste depending on how sweet your strawberries are

7g sachet vegan gelling agent

Strawberries to decorate

Coconut cream (optional)

Place the soy milk in a small pan and whisk in the gelling agent.  Stir in the strawberries and bring to the boil whisking constantly.  Once it has come to the boil remove from the heat and stir in stevia.  Divide between small round dishes and leave to cool.  Transfer to fridge.  When ready to eat turn out and decorate with strawberries and coconut cream if using.

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